Montag, 3. März 2014

Some Tips to Follow Before You Sell Your Home

You need a plan before you decide to sell your home, just as you would for anything else important in your life. Planning the sale must come before you make arrangements for repairs and open houses. The biggest profits possible from the sale of your home will come to you if you carefully prepare for the sale.

As part of your strategy, you must explore the reasons you want to sell your home. Everybody has a reason to sell, and for most people, it is the desire to buy another residence. If this is your case, amass a list of desirable neighborhoods and go to some open houses. Weigh your options carefully by checking out the pricing on both newer and older homes.

If you are happy with the decision to move, begin interviewing real estate agents. Talk to at least three before making up your mind. Do not feel you are wasting their time by asking all three of them to provide a marketing plan that explains how they plan to promote your home. Compare all the plans and select the one that offers the most detailed and sound advice.

Just because you like the price a broker suggests for your home doesn't mean this is the broker that will best serve your needs. Some brokers will overbid on your property in the hopes of getting you to list with their company. Inflated property prices often result in homes that sell for less than market value.

The "staging" of your furniture is a ploy to make your house look as large as possible after removing bulky and excess furniture from the premises. You can save some money by doing this yourself, but in the end you might prefer to hire a "professional stager" to do the job.

Pick your repairs carefully as not all of them will pay off for you. Focus on obvious maintenance issues if any have been neglected. A new paint job does wonders for a home, whether it's on the exterior or behind a bedroom door where you think no one will ever notice. Think of chipped paint as the potential buyer's way of chipping down your asking price and you will find the motivation.

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